Carnivore Restaurant Nairobi

The Carnivore Restaurant Nairobi is an Open-Air Restaurant situated in the Langata Suburb of Nairobi close to Wilson Airport, about 5 kilometers/ 3 Miles from Nairobi centre. The Restaurant opened in September 1980 to instant success. This restaurant is a must for Meat Lovers. For one Set Price as much freshly barbecued meat as you can eat is presented to you.


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Carnivore Restaurant Nairobi

Dinning Experience At Carnivore Restaurant In Nairobi

Dinning at Carnivore Restaurant, located just 8 kilometres from Nairobi city centre, is a must visit experience for a first-time Kenya visitor ! The restaurant's specialty is meat, with an option of choosing between an all-you-can-eat lunch or dinner in a garden setting. They have a variety of juicy meats roasted over a charcoal fire including Ostrich, Crocodile, Camel and Venison depending on what's available locally, served alongside beef, lamb, pork and chicken. Delicious side dishes which complete this African cuisine includes salads, soups, vegetable dishes and authentic sauces as well as desserts and Kenyan coffee.

The experience works on a simple all-you-can-eat basis: as long as the paper flag on your table is flying, beautifully attired waiters will keep bringing the meat, which is carved right at the table. This dinning experience is enhanced by the informal, house cocktail the 'dawa' ( magic potion in swahili), which serves to hydrate, refresh and sharpen your palate for every delicious bite. Since 1980, when the restaurant opened its doors over two million international guests have shared in what is known as "the ultimate Beast of a Feast".

The restaurant is famously known for all kinds of meat,but they also have a place for vegetarians. Vegetarians are well catered for and in an all eat as much as you can setting.

Lunch or dinner at Carnivore Restaurant goes for US$ 40 per person. Drinks are charged separately, but all food and deserts are included in the price. It is important to pre-booking your meal at The Carnivore Restaurant as it ensures your seat at the table, with the convenience of pickup and drop-off at centrally-located accommodations in Nairobi city centre and its environs.

Itinerary Details: Carnivore Restaurant Dining Experience In Nairobi

Departs Daily: 1200 Hours for Lunch & 1800 Hours for Dinner(Tour Duration: 2 Hours)

Everyone who comes to Kenya must try the Carnivore Restaurant Nairobiif they are true Meat Eaters! Every type of meat imaginable is roasted on traditional Masai swords (skewers) over a huge, visually spectacular charcoal pit that dominates the entrance of the restaurant.

The Carnivore Restaurant Nairobi is a unique experience. This open-air meat specialty restaurant has become a standard stop on the safari trail. Every type of meat imaginable, including four choices of wild game, is roasted on traditional Masai swords (skewers) over a huge, visually spectacular charcoal pit that dominates the entrance of the restaurant.

Normally waiters welcome you for starters with a delicious hot soup, and then carry the meat swords around the restaurant, carving unlimited amounts of the prime meats onto sizzling, cast iron plates in front of you. A wide selection of salads, vegetable side dishes, and a variety of exotic sauces accompany the meat feast.

After this meal, dessert and coffee follow. The famous Carnivore Dawa cocktail was introduced to Kenya at the Carnivore. Dawa in Swahili means medicine or a health revival potion. The Carnivore “Dawa” is the drink chosen to hydrate, refresh and sharpen the taste buds.

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